change gender of voice???

can anybody link me to a free vst or effect that can change the gender of my voice??? make it sound female??? I need a female voice for a video game character that I want to make a duet song with…

This is a Frequently Asked Question. I don’t know that there is an answer. The differences between the voices is not just a pitch change. Lauren Bacall’s voice was lower than Humphrey Bogart. I’ve done both voices, but I did it by changing microphone placement and theatrical presentation. Really hard to do in software – particularly if you want to sing a duet as two different people.


If you slow down that Beyonce tune “Crazy Right Now” it sounds like Billy Ocean.
I was gonna try speeding up that “Get out of my Dreams, Get into my car” and
then tell eveyone Billy Ocean was doing a duet with Beyonce, but I got bored
and called off the project…