Change: Do not create folders on exporting

Hi there,

I’m using Audacity 2.2.2 on a 64 bit Win 10 machine.

My “problem”:
To keep the description short: I work on a project, let’ say it’s source files are saved in C:\Project\Project1

When done, I export it to C:\Project\Project1*Done*

I then check it out one final time and move it to my NAS. I then delete the entire folder C:\Project\Project1 and start work on C:\Project\Project2

When I export Project2, Audacity remembers that I have saved the previous file in C:\Project\Project1\Done, creates(!) the non-existing/deleted folder structure and opens the Export dialog in that folder.

I find that a bit annoying, because I have to delete the empty folder C:\Project\Project1 a second time now.

I would like to see that behavior re-evaluated and changed: If the previous export folder (in this case C:\Project\Project1\Done ) does not exist, go up one folder (to C:\Project\Project1 ). If that one does not exist, go up another folder, until the path exist/ is valid (in this case C:\Project) . Then simply open the Export dialog in that folder instead. But do not create folders.

It’s not a big issue, but a bit annoying. Thank you for considering and all your hard work that goes into Audacity!

With kind regards,


Confirmed - experiencing this issue as well.

When exporting a project as mp3 (I assume other formats as well), the dialogue, when opened will automatically default to the prior saved project folder location that Audacity saved a file to. If the folder appearing in the default dialogue no longer exists, Audacity will re-create the previously deleted folder in which to save the current project. Even if you navigate to the preferred location in the dialogue box, Audacity will still have created the non-existent folder based on the previous saved project data. Afterward, I have to go to the deleted folder location and delete the folder that Audacity has created.

Other than that minor nuisance, I love this software! One of my favorite uses is for splicing together mp3’s that have been ripped and have created an intro track which is separate from the main track! Otherwise, when the main and intro tracks are loaded onto an mp3 player and set to shuffle, the intro will play alone without the main track or vice versa! Think Van Halen’s ‘Eruption’ followed by ‘You Really Got Me’.

I don’t have much time to test this right now - but I have bookmarked this thread and will come back to it.

If I can repeat this behavior I will be logging it as a bug on our bug-tracker.

WC (Audacity QA)

Well yes I can repeat this behavior - but I, unsure whether it is Audacity or Windows that is at fault here.

Audacity is using the Windows-supplied dialogs for Save and Export.

So before I log this as an Audacity bug I will discuss this with the developers.


I have logged this as an enhancement request in our bugtracker: Windows: previously deleted folders are unnecessarily created on next Save

Don’t hold your breath though - we are very short of developers, so this may not get picked up …


I have this same problem, so apparently they haven’t had a programmer fix the bug. It’s annoying.

I spent ages looking for this enhancement that I logged - totally unsuccessfully …

Then I thought “maybe it did get fixed” - so I did some testing (on 2.3.2 and 2.3.3 alpha test build) - and it looks to be OK. The deleted folder is mo longer created, in its absence Audacity reverts to its default folder location C:\Documents\Audacity

  1. get some audio
  2. Export it setting targets to Desktop\TEST
  3. Close Audacity (this step can be omitted)
  4. get some more audio
  5. File > Export
  6. Observe: offered target location is Desktop\TEST
  7. Export it - or cancel Export
  8. Delete the Desktop/TEST folder
  9. File Export
  10. Observe: offered target location is C:\Documents\Audacity
  11. Observe: in particular that no TEST folder is created on the desktop

So, Catmeow, I’m guessing that you are still running on an older version of Audacity anf suggest that you upgrade to the latest 2.3.2 - and keep an eye out for the soon to be upcoming 2.3.3.

You can get 2.3.2 from our website:


Looking at the “What’s new” page in the 2.3.2 Manual

I note that we fixed this Bug #1899 for that release:
Enh: Windows: previously deleted folders are unnecessarily re-created on next Save

BTW you do realize, don’t, you that we are not a big corporation (like Microsoft, Apple or Oracle) with a big team of programmers/developers - rather we are a very small team of volunteers working on this Open Source project in our spare time. :wink: