Change Default Meta Data?

How do I change what comes up as the Default Meta Data fields in the Meta Data Editor? I’ve tried adding fields and saving a template but reloading the template produces no change. Set Default doesn’t seem to do anything I can tell either

Please tell us what version of Audacity you are using (see the pink panel at the top of the page).

How it is supposed to work is described here in the Manual: Audacity Manual.


Sorry, I left out that I am using Audacity 2.12 and Windows 10 for my OS. I figured out that the TAG Name I wanted to use (ie disc number) by importing an MP3 file from my ITUNES library that had multiple discs. What showed up in AUDACITY metadata was PART OF A SET and the format x/y. But when I went to save that as a DEFAULT it would not re-load from the XML file I made. Still only the basic 7.

Assuming you are using Audacity 2.1.2 supplied by us and that 2.12 is a typo, there is a bug that you can’t add a custom field with an empty value. That bug is now fixed in our latest development code, but if the empty value is the problem, click in the “Value” cell for your custom field and press SPACE on your keyboard before saving.


PROBLEM SOLVED !!. Adding the Space in the Value column allowed me to Save the field in a template. Also made the new field part of the default values that come up when Audacity is launched. Won’t save much time since I don’t have that many multi-disc sets but it will remove one of the minor annoyances.

Next I’d like to tackle how to add ARTWORK in Audacity before I add to ITUNES>. It would save a step or two.

I’m afraid not only can Audacity not add artwork or lyrics to metadata, it discards any artwork or lyrics in imported files when exporting.

Let me know if you want to “vote” for support for artwork in metadata. Voting does not make it happen, but we take votes into account when deciding on features to add.