change decimal separator in audacity

I cannot use the “remove vocals” or anything in the similar vocal reduction section. My audacity localized to my country, so it uses commas instead of periods. I can’t figure out how to change it periods. The error is that if I type 30, it automatically changes to 30,00, not 30.00. The problem of this is that my separator might have changed, but the software doesn’t recognize it as a separator, so the 30,00 is considered as 3000 and therefore isn’t in the range of 0 to 50. This significantly reduces the effect, since i cannot use 40, but I have to use 0,4 (0.4), no bigger number is in the range of 0-50 according to the software.

So my final question is: Does anybody know how to change the decimal separator from commas to periods? If yes, please let me know. Unfortunately I’m not very skilled in the area of programming, fixing bugs or plug-ins, so every tip I’ve seen was very complex for me.

Have a look at

Which version of Audacity are you using?
Which locale?

Thank you, but the problem is that the only place where audacity doesn’t recognize commas as decimal separators is in effects. The numbers by the tracks are correct, everything, just the effects have conflicting decimal separators. I don’t know why unfortunately

Have you tried using the English version of Audacity?

Also, see this thread: windows 8 - Dot instead of comma on numerical keyboard - Super User … l-keyboard