Change colors?

I’ve been using Audacity a little for several years, (currently version 2.0.0 from zip in Windows 7 64bit) but lost much of my vision a couple of years ago. Is there a way to change colors on the screen?
I find the position marker extremely hard to locate (black against blue and grey.) If I could change it to red or orange it would be much easier for me, and I imagine, some others. I would like it if the navigation buttons were a little brighter or darker too, but I can learn their positions to solve that.
As this program is always a work in progress, I hope someone can write or has written a simple color selection plug in. Thanks PR

“Theming” has been partially developed a while ago, but is unfinished, so disabled. You can see what it did here:

Meantime I’ll add your vote for more progress on customising colours.

Note that although there is no way to save and load themes from Audacity Preferences, you can still load a custom image cache file (if you can find one online) using the audacity.cfg file. There are some examples (and instructions) here: .