Change audio (MP3 or WAV) to raw or rwb format for ringtones and hear noisy after uploading to the server

Hello Team,

I need to convert mp3 or wav audio to raw and rwb with also some additional settings however, when uploading these ringtones to the IP Phones I hear noisy music and slow rate. what is the problem if sound card setting on audacity or there is something I missed?

I’m using WIN10 and Audicaty 3.4.2
Appreciate your fast replay and action from your kind side.

What are the requirements for the raw file?

A WAV file has all of the details in the header but there is no header in a raw file so you have to give the software the exact format it wants.

With 8-bit audio you can hear quantization noise.

If the sample rate is wrong the speed will be wrong.

Other incorrect settings can also mess-up speed and other things.

PCM File Format Requirements

  • Raw PCM
  • 8000 samples per second
  • 8 bits per sample
  • mu-law compression
  • Maximum ring size: 16080 samples
  • Number of samples in the ring must be evenly divisible by 240
  • Ring starts and ends at the zero crossing

I’ve converted the ring tone with the same requirements but unfortunately speed rate is slow or there is some noise

Check the Audacity project rate is 8000Hz, (not just the track rate).

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