Hoping I put this in the correct place.

Just upgraded to Audacity 2.3 today. Running Windows 7. Please don’t force me to get specs because I’m doing this under duress - I’ve a sinus infection but a deadline today so must do. Anyhoo.

The thing is… where did chains go?

No. Seriously. Where. Did. Chains go.

Yeah I know, file to file you shouldn’t use the same settings - except when you’re in the same sound booth talking at the same volume with the same voice and needing to unify things across the board and had come to love the maker of the chains feature very very very much…

They have been greatly expanded and are now called “Macros” and they are in the “Tools” menu.
Details here: Macros - Audacity Manual

My meds demand that I love you very very much for replying.

I was a little confused why they were called chains when I first looked into them a few weeks ago, and not “macros” so this change makes sense. Of course I’m saying that not having opened the link yet. LOL