Dear Audacity people - your program is absolutely wonderful!!
Could anyone tell me how to define a very simple chain that consists of just two steps:

  1. change pitch up by 2.325581 percent
  2. export as mp3

I’d be eternally grateful!

Guy Deutscher

Assuming you are running the 1.3.x version of Audacity …

File > Edit Chains
Click the “Add” button and name the chain
Click the “Insert” button
Double-click the “Change Pitch” effect from the dialog
Click the “Edit Parameters” button and enter 2.325581 in the “Percent change” box
Click “OK” to confirm the pitch change parameters, then “OK” to add the effect to the chain
Click the “Insert” button and add the “Export MP3” effect as above. This has no editable parameters. Click “OK” to add the effect to the chain
Click “OK” to save the new chain.

More information is here:
and here:

– Bill

Absolutely brilliant - thank you!
I had tried something like this but hadn’t realized I had to DOUBLE click the effect name to get it working.
Works perfectly now.