Chain sounds different than manual editing

Hey guys,

so I was trying to enhance my vocal recording with the Blue Snowball by using audacity. I remove noise first and then I add effects.

These are the settings I used:

Now when I do all these effects manually I get an awesome sound with which I’m really satisfied.
If I use a chain though, it sounds like I’m talking through a can. I use the exact same effects, the same order and the same settings.

Anyone know why this is happening?

Which version of Audacity? Wine Glass Voices are probably cause by bad Noise Reduction settings. If you have Noise Removal settings instead, you’re using an old version of Audacity.


I’m using 2.1.1

Where does it sound like you are talking through a can? Did you change your speakers or headphones or turn on sound effects in your sound card?

Are you applying the Chain to files or to a project?

Is the problem in a file you exported and did you reduce the sample rate when you exported?

In other words, there is no obvious reason this should be happening. :wink:


I do not change anything. I would have mentioned if I did. I do not export anything either and I apply it to the project.

Might you have pulled on your speaker or headphone cord by accident after applying the Chain to the project? This is the most likely explanation. Does it sound “not through a tin can” if you Edit > Undo the Chain?


I copied the first track (unedited) then I apply the affects manually to the first track and via chain to the second. First sounds good, second doesn’t. That’s it. No variables that might have changed.


Do you press Solo on the second track when you judge that?


Yeah, then it’s back to normal.

I think we will continue to give you blank looks. There must be something you are not telling us about this project. You pressed Solo on this second track, right? You are sure the effects in the Chain are really the same as those you do manually?

Perhaps you should reinstall 2.1.1 from, making sure you enable the “Reset Preferences” box half way through installation. Confirm the reset when you launch Audacity.


I get a problem where a plugin works in stereo by itself but makes the stereo track into doubled mono in a chain.

Try a plugin chained. Googling chainer vst will show more than one.

Another work around could be to leave out one effect at a time until you find the one in question. Apply that one by itself.

Which plugin is that?

If that made a difference, and gave the same result as running the effects manually one after the other, that would suggest there is some problem with Chains.

Until we have some evidence of “before and after” audio files, or even better the project in question, it’s hard to comment.