chain or script spectrogram track creation and view

Hello All, I’m new to audacity and have a question I wasn’t yet able to find an answer to by searching the forum (may have missed it).

I’m using audacity’s spectrograms to view formant trajectories to help vowel pronunciation as I learn French. Using greyscale and playing with the settings I get beautiful formant trajectories and am ready to visually compare my “est-ce que vous-avez du fromage” with Paris’s best speakers.

I find myself repeatedly doing the following manual sequence:

  • record a phrase
  • normalize to remove DC gain
  • duplicate the track twice (ctrl-c, click to blank area, ctrl-v ctrl-v)
  • in first duplicate, pull down “Spectrogram” (it has the “S” underlined so there must be a keystroke?)
  • in the second duplicate, pull down log spectrogram
  • use the mouse to vertically enlarge the two spectogram views

I had hoped to use “Edit chains → Add” to automate but only managed to insert the Normalize step – can the whole
sequence be automated to a keystroke using chains somehow? If not, what’s the most natural way to automate these steps? I’m comfortable with C++ and Lisp, and could pick up Python if needed. I anticipate using audacity quite a bit going forward so don’t mind investing some time.

my linux release is : ubuntu 14.04, Audacity version 2.0.5, but am happy to compile from fresh source etc.

Ashok Popat
Menlo Park, CA

Chains only adds effects and an optional export command. It isn’t a macro recorder.

You could try for example or or perhaps