chain help please!:-)

hello - new to the forums.

I am using the latest audacity.

I am trying to add two extra seconds of silence to the start of multiple ( 1000+) audio tracks.
They are 44.1k/16 bit Flac files.
Because my command line is not great, I was recommended Audacity.
I have tried to edit chains>silence>edit parameters>2seconds>save preset.
However , the parameters seem to always fall back to '‘current settings’ which is not two seconds.

Forgive me, but is this possible with Audacity, and if so could someone walk me through?
I am very familiar with DAWS, so should be able to work my way around.

edit: the furthest I have got is just the silence in the ‘cleaned’ folder :laughing:



Depending on the commands used, Chains can have problems with very large numbers of files.
Best to create and test the Chain with a single file, then apply to a small number of files, and then increase the number of files. I wouldn’t recommend attempting to apply a Chain to more than 1000 files, but you may be able to successfully run the Chain on several hundred files at a time (I’d recommend restarting Audacity after processing hundreds of files so as to ensure that computer resources have been released).

Try the “Trim / Extend” effect: Missing features - Audacity Support

Instructions for installing the effect: Effect Menu - Audacity Manual

HI Steve,

Thanks for the reply.

Not sure if Audacity plays nice with OS X Sierra? - downloaded the .ny file, placed in /applicationa/Audacity/plugins, along with the other 'ny files, but when I go to ‘‘effects’’, and try to enable it- it isn’t there?

Tried a couple of times with the same result.

Tell me I’m stupid :wink:

thanks Keith

Have you selected “New” in the Effect Manager? (top right corner)

Hi steve,

Yes I did.

Skimming through some of the other posts about osx sierra, I will try the suggested terminal command in case there is a problem with the installation.

I’ll let you know.



Tried terminal command from one of the earlier posts about ''nyquist files missing.

That worked.

Gatekeeper error on sierra.

All working now,


Thanks for letting us know Keith. I’ll close this topic now.