Chain ExportMP3 isn't working

The built-in chain for exporting works great, but when I add ExportMP3 to the end of a chain to clean up a few files, the export never works

Are you able to do a ‘normal’ (manual / not in a Chain) export as MP3?


You mean if you include a step to export as WAV, then that works?

What does “never works” mean exactly?

Sorry, I’ll clarify.

I installed Audacity two days ago, and it came w/ an example chain, and all it does is export to MP3 – that works as expected.

When I create my own chain, ExportMP3 does not work.

When I manually choose the “File | Export Audio” menu item, I can create MP3s, as expected.

Open the folder
~/Library/Application Support/audacity//Chains
(you may need to use the “Go” menu in Finder because Mac hides this folder)

Locate the Chain file that you have made and attach it to your reply. See here for how to attach files to forum posts:

Cool; thank you.

Here’s an example.
Test.txt (178 Bytes)

Are you applying the Chain to the current project, or to files?

Try removing all of the effects from the Chain except for “Export MP3” and see if that runs.
If it does, add the effects back one at a time and test each time. My guess is that one of the effects is crashing.

Ok, thanks – I’ll give that a shot tonight. I appreciate the help.

My bet is on the Equalization effect. If that’s the case, try using the “Save / Manage Curves” button to name the curve you want to apply, then select that curve name in the chain.

– Bill

Turns out it was ClipFix =/

Equalizer works great, but ClipFix is the one I really wanted, so that’s a bummer. Are there any general tips/tricks for a crashing effect?

How long is the track that you are trying to process?

About 30 minutes

There was a problem with ClipFix that caused it to fail on ‘long’ tracks. The problem would occur in tracks that are about 30 minutes or more in length.
The problem has been fixed in the next release of Audacity.

Sweet! Thanks!

I still think you should name the Equalization curve you’re using in the chain. The shape of the “untitled” curve will change if you use the Equalization effect outside of the chain and make any changes to the curve / sliders.

– Bill

Ooh. Good call. Thanks, Bill.