Chain Amplify to Accept Peak Amplitude Parameter

The feature requested is in the title.

What I’d like to do is to batch process a load of audio files and make them the same peak amplitude via the chain feature.

It is only in the last month or so I started using Audacity in earnest - having taken a long break from ripping my vinyl - and have only installed 1.3.13 in the last few days.

However, I seem to recall I wasn’t previously able to set the Peak Amplitude parameter directly, only the Amplification; mathematically these must be two sides of the same equation and I’m hoping you can relatively easily implement this feature.

Thanks for your consideration and many congratulations on your excellent software!

If the “Normalize” effect had an option to “link” both channels of a stereo track, then this could also provide the functionality that you’re asking for.
Personally I’d prefer this solution as there are many other situations where it would be useful to Normalize with stereo channels linked.

From 1.3.14 (currently Alpha only - but hopefully Beta soon) Normalize will optionally work with linked stereo channel pairs, raising the amplitude by the same amount thus preserving the stereo balance.

So when 1.3.14 Beta is out this FR can be accomplished with chains and Normalize.


I’ve just tested Normalize in the 1.3.14 alpha version of Audacity and it does work with Chains.