Certain sounds (sighs/gasps,roars,etc) get completely cut off or muffled

Hi I’m applying for a voice acting role where i need to record some lines with a kind of grungy voice but I’ve always had this issue where if i try to record sighs/gasps or any a voice like the one I’m doing now it comes up like this (see attached), but if i say a normal sentence immediately before or after, there’s no issue with that. I’ve only had this issue with audacity as this never happens listening to myself on discord or when recording in a different program then importing to Audacity, so I assume it’s a setting that I need to fix but I’m not sure so please help.

You are, without question, a victim of the computer “helping you.” They are not “theatrical recorders” out of the box. They’re Skype, Zoom, Meetings, Games and other communications and chat managers. It’s their duty to transmit clear, interference-free voice.

If you’re in Windows, you can dig around in Windows Setups and turn off “Enhancements.” There is a link for that which I will find shortly.

Also, Cold Shutdown Windows (Shift+Shutdown > OK > Wait > Start). Do not let anything start automatically.

It’s also possible your microphone software is doing this. Many microphones will do plain recording with no drivers or custom software.


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It’s probably no mystery I recommend using a plain, stand-alone sound recorder rather than struggling to record on the computer.



Disable audio enhancements in recording & playback tabs for faithful recording & playback.

this is exactly what was causing it thank you!

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