Certain audio creates static issues, stumped.

I cant figure out why certain audio creates static pops on my pc when I pause/unpause, either in the editor itself or after exporting, pausing/unpausing creates a quick pop static sound, no idea why.
I was creating some sfx and it seems to be a recent issue I can’t solve.

I am using 2.2.2 & 2.1.2, tested on both, no difference.
I have tried saving as WAV and MP3, no difference.
I have tried updating my audio drivers, no difference.
I tested on speakers and also headphones, pops are still there.
I went and listened to other youtube videos and the issue is still there on some :neutral_face: so I see this isn’t fully an audacity issue but any tips on how I can track down why this is happening?

Anyone else get the static pops when you pause/unpause this audio? I can at least rule out if its just my PC or an audio issue with clips like this.

I get 2 static pops without pausing, and extra static pops when pausing/unpausing.

Some peaks are too loud : they’re off-the-chart …
''sfx'' is off the chart.png
See …https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/view_menu.html#Show_Clipping

So that is the cause of my static pops when I pause? :confused: I also get this popping when listening to other audio too though :confused: unless those audio sources also just happen to be clipping outside like that.