CD track # ID

After creating, editing and saving a recording I can’t get the file to recognize divided clips into ‘track numbers’ (for the various songs). When saved and burned to a CD, only “Track 1” appears and the file is continuous, not separated into tracks as in a typical CD. I have created 'Silent spaces between the songs and, via Edit>Clip Boudaries> Detach at Silences I separated the songs identifying each as a track, which is what I want to see when (after burning the CD) playing the new CD on my Bose player.

see this tutorial in the manual:



I normally use a [u]Cue Sheet[/u], and I burn with [u]ImgBurn[/u] (FREE!!!).

By using a cue sheet, you can burn your CD with from one or multiple audio files, with or without gaps. It’s very handy for making a continuous “live” CD without gaps, but with track numbers.