CD player

Help. I am using Audacity 2.2.1, an Audiotechnica player and an Asus laptop. I have ripped a vinyl album to my laptop and then burnt that album to a CD (CD-R). The CD will play successfully through my laptop and also through my HP desktop computer however it will not play through my home stereo CD player nor in my car CD player. I can also play the recorded album from the music file on my laptop. Any thoughts on why cannot play outside my computers.

First thing, upgrade Audacity to version 2.2.2 at your earliest convenience. The older 2.2.1 version has a critical bug that may cause data loss (see:

Re. your questions. CDs may be burned as “Audio CD” or as “Data CD”. A data CD containing MP3s will usually play on a computer and on some CD players, but not play on many CD players. To make a CD that will play in most CD players, you need to select “Audio CD” as the type of CD in your CD burning software.