CD from computer will not export in multiples

I have Windows 7. When I drag a CD that is on my computer to Audacity it exports as one file. Even though I have label markers at each song. And “export multiple.”

I want a CD for my auto but want the ability to fast forward or back, etc. song my song.

When I do a vinyl record with my Newmark turntable or my cassette player it exports as individual files. So I can rearrange the songs anyway I want.

Anyone have a suggestion?

Thanks, Grey

I can’t follow that. You have multiple songs on Audacity and you want to export them so they appear as separate files and then you want to make an Audio CD with the songs in the order you want?

Audacity won’t do that by itself. You have to use an Audio CD Authoring Program like Windows Media or iTunes. Audio CDs don’t have regular sound files on them.

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Sorry but that is not true. I do it all the time with albums. I upload the album, put labels at each song and then export multiples. They are then on the computer as individual song. When I drag a cd that is on the computer to Audacity and do the same thingit uploads as one ffile. A cd from that has to play though as if one song.

You can’t drag an audio CD to Audacity (that appears to the computer to have tracks of 44 bytes each).

If you have a data CD and drag files off the CD to Audacity they will import as separate Audacity tracks one above the other. If you want one exported file for each Audacity track then choose “Split files based on: Tracks” when you File > Export Multiple.

If you only drag one file off the CD then Export Multiple by labels will work in the same way as normal.