cd burning

After l change the setting to 16bit PCM as advised it goes back to 32bit as soon as l press record, can anyone help me with a solution please as l cannot play the CD’s on my hi-fi after recording on the 32. Thank you

Audacity runs at 32-bit Floating internally and I believe you can’t stop it. Further, Audacity doesn’t have Clip INFO, so you can’t use it to tell you the condition of a sound clip.

Regardless of what’s on the timeline, you should be Exporting to WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit. That’s the format of sound on an Audio CD. Most CD burning programs don’t care Stereo or Mono. They convert everything to Stereo. I had a burner back in the Eisenhower Administration that wouldn’t, but that was the last one.

You can export sound files manually, or there is a technique of putting labels in and have Audacity automatically export multiple sound files for you.


Which Audio CD Authoring and Burning program are you using? There has to be one—not just a burner.

You have to be able to rearrange your music files different from alphabetic order and choose the number of seconds between songs.


Hi kozikowski
Thank you for your quick reply, I am using windows media player and also tried itunes, this is a new PC so do not have many things in it as yet

That illustration is from iTunes. iTunes wants you to create a playlist of your songs and then burn your playlist to CD. So there is a step in the middle.

As per the similar post I can recommend foobar2000 with the audio CD maker component added. Foobar2K is also an excellent player and manages playlists, tag editing, bulk format conversions etc. quite well. Its not open source like Audacity but it is free and has a vast number of plug in extras called components.