cd burning

I am using a Windows 7 x 64 system. After exporting as a wav.file, I drag files to Media Player to burn using CD R discs. After burning, I cannot get house CD player
to play CDs. I have exported files as MP3 and burned. They play fine in car but not on home player. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated as I.m pulling my hair out
here. LOL

Most burn manager programs have a selection where you can pick between Data CD and Music CD. You’ve been picking Data CD which appears like a flat shiny hard drive with files on it – not necessarily music. Those will not play in a Music Player. Pick Music CD.


Excuse me for going off on a tangent but “tjm” – Not as in Thomas Jerome Moulton by any chance?

Thank you Mr. or Ms.? Kozikowski. You were exactly right! Thanks for helping an old guy out!

No shaky---------------not that guy.