CCITT Format

I need to create a mono wav file 64kbps bit rate 8bit sample size in CCITT u-law format . I’m confused about the CCITT u-law part Please advise

I assume it’s just 8kHz, 8-bit, mono u-Law. Thats a fairly standard format for the telephone industry.

I found [u]this[/u].

Doesn’t the supplier of the software or system “demanding” this format provide a converter or encoder?

BTW - You don’t have to specify 64kbps… 8 bits x 8kHz x 1 channel = 64kbps.)

Have a look at Saving .WAV files for Cisco Unified Call Centre Express Prompts (UCCX) using Audacity
And Convert WAV to 8 bit, 8 KHz u-Law format