Catalina: Please

Come on Peeps! Please sort out the $hit $torm that Catalina provoked! Audacity is not the only application that has had problems but they seem to be being resolved at such a rate it seems a surprise that something as smart as Audacity can’t keep up!

Can you program?

Would you like to volunteer?

Do you know anybody who can program and would like to volunteer?

Please note that at this exact time, Windows is having problems as well.

Oh, and we’ll be preparing Audacity 2.3.3, already in progress.

Can you roll your machine back to Mojave?


Have you tried this workaround:

It works well for me on Catalina with both 2.3.2 and the alpha test build I have for the upcoming 2.3.3


I wish I could code, I would be in there like a shot! I looked again at my post and sorry if it sounds a bit naggy.

Don’t worry - we nagged ourselves a lot about it earlier this week at our AU19 Audacity Un-conference in Cambridge (UK) earlier this week. :sunglasses:

We are hoping to fix this for the 2.4.0 release which is scheduled for Q1 2020 - the issues are not just technical but licensing issues around Apples ne restrictions for catalina.

We cannot fix it for the soon to be upcoming 2.3.3 for which we are testing Release Candidates - Apple dropped Catalina on us far too late in the day for us to make fixes for 2.3.3, sorry.