Catalina microphone issue with Audacity


I recently upgraded operating systems on my mac.

I downloaded the latest compatible version of audacity for the 64bit os. trouble is, audacity and my computer both recognise my irig microphone but I can’t seem to record using my microphone or the system mic. I tried checking system preferences->security and privacy-> privacy but when I click on microphone no applications appear to have requested permission so i cannot select anything.

Have you tried this: No recording level

I have found that other programs request connection to the microphone and can be allowed, but it appears that Audacity is not making a request. It works fine opening via the terminal.

Yes i have tried this but nothing shows up in the applications column

how does one open via the terminal?

See here:

Hi CandiceN
I use the fix posted somewhere on this forum
Code to start Audacity with microphone access


paste into Terminal

The Terminal can be found using Launchpad and selecting Other in there you will find Terminal. Its icon is a black screen with an arrow prompt in it.
Just paste that line at the green prompt.
Hope it works for you.

yes, its working now! thank you!

do i have to do this everytime i need to use my mic in audacity? isn’t there a more permanent fix?

If you leave Audacity active in the bottom tray then you can just restart from there - if you fully close Audacity then yes you will need to relaunch from the Terminal app.


awesome thank you

I got the workaround to work and am using Loopback instead of Soundflower I was able to record a podcast with my guest joining me via Skype but it locked up about 10 mins in so obviously this workaround is a little unstable. I restarted and rejoined and got through about 55 mins on the second session without problems but I’m wondering if anyone has experienced this problem and/or has any suggestions.

I’m having this issue, too, with Mac OS 10.15.1. In System Preferences/Sound, I can select my Ion USB turntable as the input, and I can see that there is audio when I play an LP, but Audacity 2.3.2 seems not to get that audio nor can I hear it. I can also see the turntable in About This Mac/System Report USB as USB Audio Codec. So, it appears to me that audio is getting into my MacBook Pro from the turntable, but Audacity appears not to be aware of that audio even though it is selected in Preferences. Ion support just says to wait for an EZVinyl release compatible with Catalina at some time in the future.

This workaround has been reported to work for many users on Catalina:

I tried the terminal workaround, but it did not work for me. When I clicked the red record button, I did not get the popup to grant terminal access to the microphone.

Are you also getting a message that says “Error code: -9997 Invalid sample rate”? That’s what’s happening to me and it seems to be a different problem than the one addressed by the Terminal workaround.

Many thanks @chrisspiegl it works fine for me too :slight_smile:

Chris, thank you a lot!
This problem still exists in Catalina v10.15.1. I’ve spent hours to understand why the micro doesn’t work and eventually run into this post. Thanks again!

Thank you to Chris, noraa and all the others pointing us in the right direction on this issue. This was so frustrating, trying to get this set up to record my kids and me singing with our new mixer and mics…wanted to use Audacity because it’s so easy…when the OS cooperates!

Thank you!!!


OS 10.15.2 Aud. 2.3.3
None of the above work for me - Audacity does not show up in SysPrefs>Privacy>Microphone panel - therefore I can’t give it access to the microphone - therefore I can’t record.
Does anyone know how to “force” an app to show up in that SysPrefs>Privacy>Microphone panel? In there I see QuickTime Player, Vector 3, and Skype, but not Audacity even after several re-downloads and re-installs. Thanks