Cassette to USB recording

My operating system is Windows 10 and my Audacity version is 1.3.14-beta.

I am new to Audacity and I need to use my Clearclick Cassette to USB device to transfer existing sound tracks recorded on cassette to a digital format. I need to monitor the sound track as it is being transferred but when I use the drop-down menu to select “begin monitoring”, I get a loud uncontrolled sound coming from my laptop speaker. How do I avoid this? I’m also confused in how to get the “line-in” option and not a microphone input. A basic guide to set-up for a cassette to digital format would be of great use to me - is there such a guide? All the guides that I have found thus far in the Internet deal with microphone recording which I don’t need. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Select 'USB …something" as your [u]Recording Device[/u]. (It probably won’t show the exact name of your cassette deck.)

[u]Here are some tutorials[/u] that should help.

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Thanks DVDDoug for your help!