Cassette to USB dubbing

My operating system is Windows 10 and I have just upgraded to Audacity 2.2.1 and I need to convert sound recordings on cassette to a digital format. I have a Clearclick Cassette to USB device which allows me to link the sound signal from the cassette to my laptop. I am new to Audacity and I am looking for a beginner’s guide to set up for converting the old cassettes to a digital format. Is there such a guide please? On the Internet all the guides that I have found so far, deal with using a microphone which is of no use to me. I need to find the “Line-in” option to complete my connection from cassette player to laptop. Any help will be greatly appreciated!


There’s a series of tutorials in the manual:

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply. I actually found the tutorial that I needed after posting my question to you. Thanks for your assistance.