cassette to CD conversion

I have been able to successfully convert my old cassettes to CD’s. However, when I play the CD’s in my car CD player I am unable to skip from one track to the next. I assume this has something to do with marking the songs but I am not sure how to correct this problem. I think I might have to use the “Track” menu and select “ADD LABEL AT SELECTION” or possibly use the “Analyze” menu and select either “SILENCE FINDER” or “SOUND FINDER” selection. Can anyone tell me what is the easiest way to achieve the results I am looking for (the ability to move from one track to the next)?

Yes, although Silence Finder is not the greatest gift. Tapes and vinyl have no silence.

Anyway, yes, put a label at the Front of each song you want to appear in your CD. Don’t leave out the first song. My shortcut key for that is Command-B, yours will be something else.

Tracks > Add Label At Selection.

When you get them all labeled, File > Export Multiple. Drag all those files over to your burning and authoring program and burn. Each song will show up as individual cuts and you can step forward or backward as you want.


CTRL-B in Windows. You can type in the song title in the box that appears in the label track. “Protip”: position cursor just before start of each track, then select “Edit>Find Zero Crossing” to place the marker. This will avoid clicks on playback when selecting a track.