Cassette tape to PC

My OS is Windows 7, 64 bit. I have not yet downloaded Audacity because I have a question. I’ve got some cassette tapes that I would like to digitize, but they do not contain music. My father corresponded with my brother on these cassettes, as if he were writing a letter.

I will be using an old boombox to play the cassettes and recording them on my Dell laptop, with a USB audio adapter. Will Audacity create one file for the duration of this type of cassette tape, or will it be broken up each time my father’s voice pauses?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

No it will not be split to a new track between pauses automatically because Audacity does not have that feature.

Although you can add labels to split up the recording for export as separate files, the recording itself remains in one track.


I should have been more specific…I don’t want multiple files, so it seems Audacity will give me that result. My ultimate goal is to burn the file from each side of the cassette tapes onto a CD! Thanks for the quick reply!!

Assuming you want to make an Audio CD, the duration limit is about 78 minutes.

You can Pause recording “P” key, and start it up again after you flip the tape over. That will give you one long performance at export.

You can stop dead at the end of the first side of the tape and then Append Record (Shift-R) after you flip the tape over. That, too will give you one big, long track and sound file at export.

Export to WAV (Microsoft) when you get done. Audacity internal, WAV (Microsoft) and Audio CD have similar very high quality. Do Not use MP3 anywhere in the process unless you want something for your Personal Music Player. MP3s make sucky archives.

WAV also makes a good archive for future listening and editing. Audio CDs have about the same life as color photos since they use similar organic dyes.