Cassette Tape Recording Time Help

I’m trying to record all of my cassettes (including books on tape which can be quite long) into digital format and export them to iTunes. The problem I’m having: when I press play on my cassette player and then record on audacity, I can’t be there when the cassette is finished. Therefore, I have a LOT of blank recording time on audacity that I can’t figure out how to get rid of easily before putting my next cassette in.
PLEASE HELP - I have many more tapes to go and really want to learn how to do this the right way.

Thanks so much!

You can use the Timer Record facility to set an end time for the recording.



If you have existing projects with a lot of blank recording at the end - then use the Zoom “Fit Project” control to fit the entire project in the Audacity - see:

Then place your cursor where the blank recording starts and use Shift + “Skip to End” button (see to select the blank audio and then press the Delete key or Cmd+K