Cassette tape player sends into USB port and sound displays in Mic, but no no sound capture

I bought a cassette unit on Amazon, that included an old version of audacity (1.x), and a USB plug for my Windows 10 laptop. I plug it in, do the setup for USB microphone (I even disable the windows microphone), and start capture in audacity, and it kinda burps and spits noise for a couple of seconds, but eventually stops, like it can’t buffer the information? I’ve tried 2 computers, 3 versions of audacity, same results. Any ideas?

You didn’t say what the make/model is… however that could be why you might want to go back to Amazon and read the reviews. Sometimes, the reviews (esp upgraded) could point out the same issue you are experiencing, along with the fix (Windows driver, cable issue etc).

Does it have a 3.5 for a headset out that you can verify the music playing okay without it going to the laptop?

Yes, thank you for your help. The cassette recorder comes with earbuds, and the music plays fine, that’s how I can tell that it is going to the PC. Also, I can also see the bars moving on the top right of the screen (microphone input) for just a little while (thats when I hear some intermittent noises) and then everything flatlines. I use audacity to edit MP3’s, so I know what they look like in the main moving window below when there is music captured/present, it just has a flat line after a couple of seconds. Thanks

Also, I looked on Amazon, and there did not seem to be any complaints about not have data show in the program

Make sure Windows “Enhancements” are turned OFF. Sometimes there is automatic volume control and some kind of “noise reduction” that turns the volume up & down.

The usb might be for a thumb drive to input data into the tape player. Does it say OTG?

Turned off Windows Enhancements, dog-on-it, it works!! It has a latency of about 2-3 seconds, a faint background, of the beginning of the song. Thanks

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