Cassette recordings to CD problem(s)

Very computer iliterate so please forgive me. I’v been trying every conceivable combination to work out this problem to no avail. I’m a retired pastor & have recently been given 35 casssettes of sermons I preached in the 1990’s. I have a Windows 7 and an Audacity 2.0. I seemingly downloaded one to the computer because it shows the title of the message as well as 15.3KB.
Now, here are my issues…I intended to burn them on RealPlayer or Windows Media Player. After literally well over 20 hours of trying over the last week, no matter what I try this is the message I get when trying to either play or burn…“Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file.”

And also "Couldn’ty find the project data: (Title) data. Couldn’t load file c:UsersOwnersDesktopNew folders from (Title) file.

In playing around with this, I sent copies to Windows Media & Real Player. When I go to the "File then Open recent files, none of the Export selections are available, they’re all just in light gray that is not an option to click on.

Am I close to getting this (these) recordings exported & ready for burning to CD or am I a million miles aways still. So very confused…

Many thanks for your help & input!!

This tutorial from the manual should show you what to do:

It’s part of this set of tutorials:,_LPs_or_minidiscs_to_CD


Thank you waxcylinder, but I have poured over everything in all the tutorials but my file still won’t open. The part abouit "the player may not support the codec (?)…what would that mean?

Also, when I go to the "File > Add Files to My Library " and do what is prompted, it still won’t accept it in Windows Media or Real Player. It won’t it open / play in either RealPlayer or Windows Media.

I re-downloaded it all over again starting from total scratch, following the instructions that I read on other open pages while running the Audacity. I still get what I wrote in my 1st post here.
When I get to Click File > Export and choose “WAV, AIFF and other uncompressed types”, the “other uncompressed types” option is not on the same option as “WAV, AIFF”. The line “other compressed options” is its own selection, seperate from the WAV, AIFF option.

Any specific idea on what could be wrong?


Thank you waxycylinder for the tip. Unforunately, I’ve carefully followed all those instructions to no avail. I even re-downloaded the recording from the cassette. It shows that it’s in my “Owners” file and I also copied it to my “Music” file. But neither Windows Media or Real Player will open or even recognize it. (See my above post for what comes up on the screen)

In the tutorials it says this…File > Export and choose “WAV, AIFF and other uncompressed types” . The problem is with my computer, the only choices are either the WAV,AIFF" OR one that says “Other uncompressed files”. These two are not together in one selection.

And in those messages in my original question, what does “might not support the codec that was used to compress the file” mean?

I’m so perplexed and frustrated. I’m so grateful for you who offer your expertise and help here! A million Thanks!

Unfortunately that is not quite correct for the current version of Audacity. It should have said:
"Click File > Export and choose “WAV (Microsoft) signed 16 bit PCM” in the “Save as type” box. "
I’ve now updated that in the on-line manual.

Please have a quick go with this revised instruction (but don’t waste too much time on it). If you still have a problem then I think that we will be best to equip you with better (free) CD burning software as WMP can be very confusing.

Steve, I still have had no success in converting the cassettes to CD. Same issues. So sorry to be bothersome here…thanks for any help!

No problem tmapool.
Were you able to export the WAV files?
If so, do they play OK?