Cassette Recording

Trying to record cassette from brand-new cassette/CD boombox- using “phones” output on boombox and “line in” input on computer tower. I can hear the recording clearly on my PC’s speakers- no problem. But when I record, the sound is scratchy and erratic and noisy. Audio I/O input and output is set to Microsoft Sound Mapper- it will not work if I select anything else (like "line in). I also do not have a pull-down input selector menu on the main interface. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Check your recording level - you should have a clearly visible waveform, but it should not reach the top or bottom of the track or it will cause distortion.

Thanks. Your response led me to check the input level meter, and I found that reducing the volume on my cassette player (albeit to an almost inaudible level) solved the problem.