cassette recording


I have a couple of songs of an uncle that passed away that were recorded on cassette tape. obviously, they are mono. the guitar is way too loud compared to the voice and I was just wondering if there is a way to play with the frequencies in order to bring out the voice a bit more. also, is there a way to just make the songs louder and with better quality?

THank you


There’s probably not a huge amount that you can do. A bit of “Noise Reduction” may help, but it is very important not to over-do it. You can probably reduce the level of background hiss, but if you try to totally eliminate it the remaining audio will sound terrible (all metallic and bubbly). See here:


anything you try will make it sound terrible bad

why do people insist on recording their guitars over the words
my nephew does that on his published cds
piano guy at church drowns out the singing too

music belongs way under the words
else make it a musical piece without words