Cassette input monitoring problem

I bought a USB Cassette Converter (model 2036MO) which came with Audacity 2.0 software. All I want to do is copy an extensive cassette library to MP3 files on my Windows 10 computer. I would have thought that, after installing the software I would just have to plug the cassette player into the USB, press the “start” button and a “record” button and all would be fine.
I’ve been playing with it for 2 hrs and I can’t monitor the cassette. I checked “Software playthrough” in “Transport”, didn’t help. Audio host = MME; output device = "Speakers (2-USBPnp).
When I click the record button I get the waveforms, but no speaker monitoring (and yes, I turned up the speaker volume level)
Also, it does appear to record: before I closed Audacity it asked to save changes, which I did, but on playback I still couldn’t hear anything (but I saw the waveform and volume meter movement)

There was a prior query on this, answer suggested clicking on the meter. My meter looked different and showed no monitor on/off, which is why I went to “Transport”.

Can it really be this difficult?

Windows machines assume you are an account representative trying to Skype to the home office in Switzerland. If you’re not one of those people, Then the going can be a little rough. Even Macs gave up their Stereo Recording connection in favor of one for a communications headset.

What is the accurate Audacity number? Audacity doesn’t have a Version 2.0. If it really is 2.0, you can get Audacity 2.1.2 for Windows from here.

When it says do you want to reset preferences and settings in the install, say yes.


Make sure your [u]Playback Device[/u] is your soundcard/speakers/headphones, etc. Sometimes when you plug-in a USB audio device it tries to record and playback through the USB device and that’s not what you want.

Yep, that’s what it did. Somehow changed the “output” to the USB port. My next project, tomorrow, will be to save a recording as a .mp3.
(Oh, the cd the software came on was marked “Audacity 2.0” and “Audacity-src-2.0.0”

Audacity will not Save a sound file. You have to Export to get one, and it won’t Export an MP3 without adding software. Download and install the Lame software package. I don’t know if this Lame will work with 2.0.0.


Yes, I figured that out. I think a lame .dll was included on the cd, but didn’t install automatically.
Pretty lame. After getting the sound working it was too late to play with anything else, so it will be today’s project.

Success, of sorts, thanks to forum contributors. I recorded a cassette and created a .mp3 file which I successfully burned to a cd. Just one problem now. Even though I clicked “Pause” between cassette tracks it still created a .mp3 file of one track.

Is there any way around this?

Did you export multiple files from Audacity, labelling each place you paused at? Here is how to do that: Splitting a recording for export as separate tracks.

Where are you playing the CD? If you burnt an audio CD for a standard CD player like in a car, you should export multiple WAV files from Audacity. Don’t export MP3 files, because MP3 is a lossy format that makes the audio sound worse when making it smaller size. The CD burner will expand the MP3 to make lossless audio which is required by the audio CD standard, but it won’t restore the quality you lost by exporting from Audacity as MP3.