TRYING TO record cassete into my computor
have got big Pioneer music centre

have been putting connection from headphone socket into pink socket at back of my computor

this has been doing the job … but Im thinking, maybe I should nt be doing things this way…
pink is the mic socket… maybe I should be putting the audio feed into Line In… ?

Seems there are 3 sockets at the back of my desktop

Pink… Blue and green

any advice ?

thanks in advance…

Standard sound card color codes:

Ideally you should go from “Line level output” from the cassette player, into “Line level input” of the sound card.
If your cassette player does not have a “Line level output”, then “headphone output” into “Line level input” is the best option.

Headphone output into “Microphone input” is not recommended as it is very likely to distort, and the noise level will probably be quite high. This can work as a last ditch option provided that you keep the headphone level very low, but it is not recommended as you could permanently damage the sound card if the headphone level is too high.

have got big Pioneer music centre

Headphone-out to line should work, but does your stereo have “Tape Out” or “Tape Record”? Those two won’t he affected by the volume control (or the bass & treble or balance control, etc.).

its a Pioneer sound system Im wondering… should I go for the RCA SOCKETS at the back ?
and get left and right audio into computor ?

looks like I should try and get an audio signal into the blue socket … Analog line level audio input

At the back of my desktop I see 3 col sockets

on left pink… that mus be mic in
in middle green …
on right blue… think that must be line in

with cassette in music centre and line from headphones socket into the blue socket of
computor Im finally getting a signal in audacity .

I have a lot of audio recordings on cassettes… maybe this is the way to go …

Yes that’s line-in and it should work fine. [u]Soundcard color codes[/u]