Casette player to laptop connection

Reading through some of the posts it seems like its a no-no to connect player to laptop. For some people this is the only way to connect.As an alternative has anyone used a 3.5mm to usb cable (which seem readily available on e-bay and Amazon and are cheaper than investing in a usb tape player).If so what kind of results are they getting.

It depends what you want to achieve. It is quite common for the “mic” input on a laptop to be a “compatible” input that recognises stereo line level input as well as a cheap computer mic. If so, the quality will likely be inferior to a “proper” line-in on a USB interface. But try it, using a very low input level in case it is really a mono-only mic input.

The cheap ones are only mono mic inputs so you are back to square one.

If you mean something like I don’t believe that will give you a USB audio input to record from.


That’s a stereo, bi-directional USB adapter. Behringer UCA202. It’s not a conversion from anything else. That’s its job. You may need to resize your browser window.

You’re supposed to be connecting a microphone to your computer for conferencing, chat, FaceTime or Skype. Windows comes with microphone, echo and noise processing already turned on. Either business or home use, a majority of people use their computer for that. That’s why the stereo connection faded. I specifically bought an older design computer to get the high quality stereo connection.

That also accounts for the piles of cheap phonograph and cassette to USB machines. Most of those are complete trash. You are expected to put them out for pickup when you transfer the last cassette or record. They’re not for long duration use.