Car Noise

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I have a voice recording with unfortunately terrible car noise, i have filtered and cleaned up, i can hear most but not all.

My thought would be to post a short original segment or email a longer one to more experienced user who may have a miracle filter or technique.

The telephone filter is in the pre-baked list of filters in Effect > Equilization. If that doesn’t work, then there isn’t much more to be done.

By “car noise” I assume you mean a combination of engine, road, and wind noises. The wind noise is going to be the most serious. If it overloaded the recorder’s sound channel, then there is no more voice back there to rescue. The same thing happens when somebody tries to do a News Program weather stand-upper in a hurricane or other high wind storm. They have extreme microphone conditioners and in-line filters so the camcorder doesn’t overload, but if you had a regular recorder, camcorder or worse, a surveillance recorder, that’s the end of the story.

Recording voices isn’t as easy as it seems it should be.


Thanks that did help a little, garbage in = garbage out, my fault.