Car Horn Masking

Hi everybody, I know very little about sound editing. I have an issue with car horns waking me up. This is a pretty good example:

I was thinking of sleeping to that on repeat but it is very uncomfortable and I’m not sure how healthy it is.

Can anybody help soften this car horn clip it so that it is easy on the ears and something feasible to sleep to? Or does anybody know of any other sounds close to the frequencies of this sound, so that it is effective in masking car horn but enough to sleep to.

5 stars and many sincere thanks to anybody that can accomplish this or help me. It would change my overall health and wellbeing.

It would probably be better to just put on some restful music that you like.
The ideal solution would be soundproofing (double/triple glazing), but I guess that is too costly?

Hi, soundproofing is very expensive. The problem is the sound of a car horn penetrates the sound of my air purifier which is about 50 or so decibels. It rumbles and blocks out a lot except car horn.

I heard that if you could match the same characterisitics of the sound you are masking then you won’t need to have the volume as high and it would be effective.

The sound in its raw form as it is not comfortable at all…but I didn’t know if there were editing tricks.

That’s true, but the “characteristics” that you need to match are the same annoying frequencies that are causing the problem. Sleeping in a different room or ear plugs may be the only practical solution.

Try Generate → Noise and try either white or pink noise.

You can also try to find ocean wave or rain sounds.

Or does anybody know of any other sounds close to the frequencies of this sound, so that it is effective in masking car horn but enough to sleep to.

You can try Effect → Equalization to “tune” white or pink noise, but if you go too far with it the pink/white noise will probably no longer be “soothing”.

White Noise is an off-tuned FM radio without muting. Pink Noise is rain in the trees and Brown Noise is rain in the trees through a closed window.

Environment noises are a very serious problem. There have been postings about how to record it so to turn the perpetrator in to the authorities. I don’t know that we ever successfully resolved any of the postings. We are much better with low-level, constant noises like refrigerator or air conditioner and that’s only on sound recordings, not in real life.

Audacity doesn’t apply filters or effects in real time.


Can you tell me some of the results, what do they do with their recordings?

I am considering recording the noise But it would be helpful to know realistically the final outcome.

If you had the sound of car horn waking waking you up every night, besides ear plugs, what sound would you choose to mask it? I have tried brown noise with no success. Any sounds that could possibly work near the frequency?

One night I recall there was a car alarm going off for hours outside. Not the same sound, I know, but I just generated 0.4 amplitude white noise in Audacity and loop-played it.

If you play that through headphones I can’t see how you would still hear the car horn.

Or, repeat the car horn every second, like the sound of a clock, and mix it into the noise. You get used to the repetition so it loses its sense of shock.


I was wondering if anyone can provide me with advice with being able to reproduce/record the sounds so I can have proof.

My main difficulty is being able to pick up the sound. My recordings are faint and not nearly as loud as it really is.

I do not know if the problem can be the microphone, or the recording software. Is there any way to increase the volume that microphone is recording. I don’t want to do any editing, I want to get the recording in its raw form.

There has to be a time stamp, and the software that i am using provides that. But I don’t know if there are any better solutions.

I’m also using a USB microphone, any recommendations appreciated that will help me achieve my objective.