Capturing from Online Source

What settings do I use to capture from an online source, e.g. Youtube? I have tried obvious options, but I get a single distorted note played continuously.

That sounds like you managed to form a feedback loop in your sound system.

I would do a brief synopsis of the process, but recording Stereo-Mix doesn’t lend itself to brevity.


For YouTube you can use Firefox web browser and one of the free YouTube Downloader add-ons.
Downloading from YouTube is quicker and better quality than recording from YouTube.

Thanx. Will try.

Didn’t work. The menu items weren’t there in Audacity. Exploring 3d party capture programs. Scary. With today’s proliferation of malware.

Too bad the liberry doesn’t have what I’m lookin’ for. Barenboim doing Wagner preludes and overtures. Solti is good, too. Found a Toscanini on Youtube, but that’s out of reach, for now.

Steve means browser add-ons for Firefox. You have to perform the download in Firefox.

Or click this link:

You could always buy the CD, could you not?