Can't view saved Audacity files

I have used Audacity for years on my PC with no problems. I just installed the new update (3.4) and now, I can’t see my audacity files in the folder. If I open the Audacity and search for the file, it is there, but I can’t see it unless I open Audacity and then I ONLY see those and not my WAV or MP3 files.
I restored my system to a previous point so that I have the older version, but same thing.
Any help is appreciated.

3.4 - what? 3.4.0 and 3.4.1 had some difficulties and 3.4.2 is the current accepted version.

You might also consider dropping back to 3.3.3. and do 3.4.2 after it settles down.


If Audacity refuses to behave like it used to, you might consider resetting it to get rid of any stuck preferences or settings.

Tools > Reset Configuration

(I believe)


You backed Windows up to a previous point? To where? We have to build your question in our imaginations across multiple time zones, so the more details you can supply, the better.


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