can't use effects - can't slow down


I only use Audacity to slow down the music to practice band numbers on my trumpet.
Normally I use the slow down slide, but then the music pitch is changing.
Today, I can’t even use this slide, and when I try to go through the effects menu, none of the options I can click on.

Is there anything I should do before I can use them? And why is the slow down slide not working any more?

Thanks a lot,


ps. mac is 10.5.8 - audacity downloaded again today so 2.0.1

The “slow down slide” is called the “Transcription Tool”
If you were previously using an older 1.3.x version of Audacity you will find that this tool works in a slightly different way. Please see here for how to use the tool in Audacity 2.x

Yes that’s correct. The Transcription tool is not an “effect”, it just slows down playback in much the same way as slowing down a tape / record and affects both the tempo (speed) and pitch (frequency) of the playback. It does not change the actual audio, it just plays it at a different speed.

To change the tempo without changing the pitch, try the “Change Tempo” effect in the Effect menu.

Effects can only be applied when playback is stopped and not in Play, Record or Pause.

Se here for more info about the Change Tempo effect: