Can't uninstall audacity

Hello, experts.

I’ve got a problem with audacity.
It is not possible for me to uninstall the software, because in the windows uninstall option, audacity is not existing :open_mouth:
And a try with Revo-Uninstaller was also negative, Revo showed me no icon (Windows did not either) I could click on and uninstall the software.

My next idea was to go to the audacity folder where it is installed, to click the uninstall.exe.
But there was only the ffmpeg to uninstall.

Right now I discovered, the audacity folder is not on the particion c:\ the folder is on h:\ :astonished:
I don’t now why audacity is installed in this folder/on that partition, I never do that.
Guess, that is the reason why windows and revo haven’t got the audacity software in their list to uninstall it.

So, how can I uninstall audacity 2.1.3 ???
Thanks for your tips.

P.S.: I want to uninstall audacity, because there are some problems with the filters

Do you recall how you installed Audacity? In particular, whether you ran the “exe” installer or extracted the ZIP version?

HI Steve!

I guess, I have to apologize :smiley:

It seems, that Audacity isn’t really installed, it obviciously runs by clicking the exe.
I start Audacity by hitting the Windows-Key and tyoing auda… and than I only have to choose the linked exe.
But -untill now- I was convinced, a software needs to be installed, to find it in the “windows-menu”.
Obviously not.

Sorry for moaning :laughing: