Can't uninstall 2.4.2 on Win 10?

Audacity does show up in control panel/programs. But when I select remove, it tells me there isn’t a “unins000.exe”. I checked the audacity directores and it is missing.

How can I uninstall Audacity 2.4.2?

Audacity does not write to the Windows Registry (except for any file associations), so you can “uninstall” Audacity by just deleting the Audacity installation folder. By default that will be:
*C:\Program Files (x86)\Audacity*

You will need administrative access to delete that folder.

This will leave your Audacity Preferences on your computer, but they are only tiny text files so not really important.
If you want to remove them also, their default location is in the hidden folder:

Thank you for your help. That seemed to have worked.