Can't timeshift the 2nd wav after the cut (can move the 1st wav)

Hi using 2.3.0 I have 2 wav files I cut the 1st & using timeshift I moved it a little
the 2nd wav I made a cut and selecting timeshift it won’t move !?? if I hold shift the whole wav file can be moved
but I only want to move from the cut mark to have a gap…attached a JPG showing where I am…anyone know what I’m doing wrong ?
the tutorial …Tutorial - Mixing a Narration With Background Music…has a mono file several cuts and moved (but no cuts in the 2nd file) I assume I’m missing something and can’t figure it out hope someone can assist :slight_smile:
Split 2nd track but cannot time shift_WHY.JPG

In order to move a clip, there has to be sufficient empty space to move the clip into. If the second clip in the second track won’t slide to the right, it is probably because there is another audio clip in the way.