Can't specify an attenuation level in EQ filter dialogs

I’m new to Audacity and I’m trying to set up filters in the equalization section. I’m trying to input filter specs and Audacity’s filter dialogs don’t allow you to specify an attenuation (or gain) parameter. For example, if I want to set up a notch filter, the filter dialog allows me to specify the frequency and the Q of the filter but not the attenuation level. It seems that the attenuation level of a notch filter is a key parameter. Can anybody explain why Audacity does not allow allow input of an attenuation or gain parameter for filters or how I can get around or solve this problem? Thanks.

The attenuation of a notch filter at the filter frequency is effectively infinite (silence). If you want less attenuation than that, then either use a different kind of filter (such as a band cut filter) or mix in a proportion of the original unfiltered audio with a portion of the filtered audio.

A ideal notch filter has infinite attenuation at the notch frequency.

Maybe so but I’m not trying to create an “ideal” notch filter. I’m just trying to attenuate (or boost) certain frequencies to get one microphone to emulate the characteristics of another. Sounds like Audacity can’t really do practical notch or peak filtering. Thanks for responding.

Thanks for responding. I’m just trying to get one microphone to emulate the characteristics of another. It sounds like Audacity can’t really do what I want. The solution you propose sounds great but is above my laziness threshold. :slight_smile:

There’s an app for that which can run in Audacity 3, (it’s a VST3 plugin) …

NB: only the “Gentleman$ Edition” has the “smart” automatic EQ-
matching tools.
(The standard free version TDR Nova does not have EQ-matching tools ).

IIRC there’s try-before-you-buy option for the “Gentleman$ Edition”.

Very cool. Thanks much!

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