Can't simply navigate clips with a cursor or a playhead

Why, when I just want to start a playback at a certain point in a clip, does that become a starting point for something else and I cannot get rid of it?

I have a similar problem with a green triangle that traverses as an audio plays; if I stop it , it turns into a “Click and drag to define a looping region” that I can’t get rid of either. I’m on an intel Mac running Ventura and my audacity is 3.3.3.

I just started using it today and like it and have made great progress. I’ve actually made several successful voice-over narrations with it for a PowerPoint. But these problems either just started cropping up or the previous successes were simpler files and not impacted by them.

When I want playback to start at a certain point in a clip, I just click in the clip at that certain point, then press play (or hit the space bar). (Windows)

Thanks, Jademan. I found workarounds in a YouTube video.

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