Can't separate tracks on one side of vinyl recording

Windows 10 with Audacity 2.3.3. I am recording old vinyl records using a digital turntable plugged into my Dell laptop. It works great but I don’t want to record each track separately. I was hoping Audacity would let me separate the tracks after recording one side of an album and then save each track as a different mp3 file. It has a track labeling tool but it will not do what I want. Is this an option for Audacity or will I just need to record each track and then save as a different mp3 file? Thanks for any suggestions.

If you’ve already labeled the tracks you can [u]use the labels to separate the tracks[/u], or you can select/highlight one track at a time and then Export Selected Audio.

Thanks for the reply. I highlighted the track and exported it and named it. Works great. Many thanks.