Can't select USB Audio Codec

I seem to have lost the USB Audio Codec driver. I redownloaded it (from Cnet). Installation went fine. However, it doesn’t show up in Control Panel. How do I find it, add it, select it – whatever?? I’m on Windows 7, Audacity 2.0.0.


Try rebooting your computer.

Thanks, but I already have.

What kind of USB device do you have? Are you trying to record or play/listen through the USB device?

…Most USB audio devices are “class compliant” and will run automatically with the already installed Microsoft-supplied drivers.

Sometimes the device can be disabled or hidden by Windows. Take a look at [u]this page[/u] for how to show and enable an audio device.

I’m trying to use Ion devices – a USB turntable and the Ion Tape Express. I’ve used the turntable for years, quite a bit in the last couple of months. I haven’t yet used the Tape Express successfully, and now the turntable doesn’t work either – both flatline in Audacity (although if I bump them, they spike in Audacity). The turntable has never seemed to work with any driver except the USB Audio Codec.

You probably can’t use both at the same time. Ensure that only one of the USB devices is connected. Don’t use a USB hub.

They’re always connected one at a time. I first encountered the problem (this time) with the Tape Express. I disconnected it, connected the turntable – same problem.

I’m still thinking it’s a Windows issue… Does the device show-up on the Windows Control panel? Can you hear the tape or turntable from the computer speakers? If you select it and turn-up the volume with the Windows Mixer, you should be able to hear it without running any applications. But note that Windows has separate recording and playback “mixers”, so you normally don’t hear exactly what you are recording. (I’m on an XP machine right now, and I don’t remember how to bring-up the Win7 Mixer… On XP, you just double-click the speaker icon and the mixer pops-up.)

The web site for the Tape Express does say it’s class compliant and requires no drivers, so the drivers from CNET shouldn’t be needed.