Can't select iMac speakers or headphone jack for output/playback

Hello. I recently updated to Audacity 2.4.2, after updating to OS 10.15.6. I am trying to record an LP using iMic, but I cannot monitor through output. Audacity shows only “Built-in Output” and “iMic USB” but neither works. I does not give an option for speakers or headphones. Previously I was able to monitor tapes I was recording through “Built-in Output,” but only with the headphone jack in the cassette player. Anyone know what’s going on here?
Many thanks!

Griffin makes a lot of different iMic variations and they don’t all do stereo. Which one do you have?


There is one oddity that’s good to know. Plug everything together and let all the settings settle and only then start Audacity. Not the other way around.


Thanks for your reply, Koz. My iMic is at least 10 years old but as far as I can tell still works fine – but I never tried using its output as monitor until just recently. And thanks for the tip. I will try to start over completely.

“Built-in Output”

That should be the speakers unless you plug wired headphones into the Mac, and then it should switch to them. If you don’t have wired headphones, then it can get a lot more entertaining.

Also if you have any redirection or other sound software, then there can be conflicts.

Built-In is usually pretty safe. If you can’t get that to work, then it’s full stop until we get that fixed.