Can't seem to record albums on my laptop.

Hi, My name is Michael and I’ve just set up my Audio- Technica AT-LP120-USB turntable to my MacBook Pro (10.6.8). I downloaded the latest Audacity program (2.0.2) from the dmg and can’t seem to be able to get my computer to record. My turntable has a LINE/Phono switch that I set to LINE, but when I play an album, there’s no registering of sound on the Audacity graph. When I place the needle on the album I just get a real loud sound coming out of my speakers. The volume levels from my receiver are way out of whack. When I set it to PHONO, there’s no problems and my volumn controls work fine. Any suggestions? Thank you.

How are you connecting the turntable to the receiver, through the PHONO input? In that case the switch on the turntable should be set to phono.

See this page for connecting USB devices to a Mac:

– Bill

Hey Bill,
My turntable has 2 connections: RCA jacks that go into the receiver and an USB connector to hook up to the laptop. When I’m playing an album, I put the turntable on PHONO and it plays fine. It’s when I hook up to the laptop and switch over to LINE mode that I have a problem. Will look at link you sent. Thanks.


Hey Bill, The link you sent seemed very helpful. I think I’ve got it working. Will find out in a bit. Al least I’m seeming modulation now while playing.