can't save recording - "mute" message!

I am writing for a friend who at the moment is sitting in his corner crying. Not really. He recorded an hour long program, which he does all the time and when he tries to SAVE it he gets an error message that says the file is “MUTE”! He can listen to the file, but can’t save it. I’d like to try and help, but I don’t have a clue on this error. Any ideas? I’m sorry, I will have to contact him for his version of Windoze and Audacity and reply with that info if it is needed.

Two common problems are not hitting Stop before you try to export, and trying to use punctuation marks in the filename. Earlier Audacity versions also had problems with putting some characters in the metadata panel. Are you sure they’re using Audacity 2.0?


Thanks so much for the reply and putting up with a dumb question.
I installed the latest version on my machine and almost immediately notice the “mute” button.
I asked my friend if he had inadvertently turned that on and he had.
That was the problem.
He has used Audacity for a long time and never used the ‘mute’ function. So when he clicked it by mistake he didn’t even realize what he had done.
I use Cool Edit frequently but have never used Audacity.
It is now loaded on my machine and I WILL be using it and getting familiar with it.
Thanks again…